Make the Connection That Can Help Guide Your Strategy

Two hands reaching out to each other to signify the connection between Analytics and Search Console


It’s likely that you came here from our content discussing how to drive high-quality traffic. If not, you’re still invited to use this easy-to-follow guide on connecting Search Console with your Google Analytics.

Here are a few resources you may need in case some additional context is needed:

Let’s get started.

Sign in to your Analytics account.

  1. Click Admin
  2. Navigate to the property you want to enable Search Console data sharing.
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings.

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Where to Click for Property

  1. Scroll down to Search Console section and click “Adjust Search Console.”

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Where to Find Option to Adjust Search Console

If your site is already verified, you should see the URL of your website. If you do not see the URL, you’ll need to add your site to Search Console. You can add your site by clicking the “Add” button.

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Add Button

Once you’ve added it, you’ll have a list of sites from which to choose. Click the checkbox for your site and be sure to save the changes.

Did you save?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected Google Search Console to your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Final Screen When Search Console is Connected

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