You Want to Sell Cars. People Want to Buy Them. Here’s How You Meet.

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Having smart strategies to build your dealership’s site traffic is a vital piece of your marketing. The more people who visit your site, the more opportunities you have to market and sell your inventory. You, however, don’t want just any traffic. You want high-quality traffic.

How do you know if your dealership’s site traffic is high-quality?

A simple answer is to follow these steps:

  • Know search trends
  • Leverage your AdWords
  • Marry content with intent

If you need extra context, let’s take a dive into that list.

Know Search Trends

Example Google Search

People are looking for your brand and models, as well as to service their vehicle — and, in some cases, even your specific dealership. The challenge here is to know what the search trends are.

Dealership, Meet Google Search Console.

Attention: Be sure you have your Google Analytics and Search Console integrated. If you need information on how, check out our blog about integration.

Search Console data shows you the organic queries that people are typing and what your average position (rank) is for each. You need to ask yourself: Am I winning these searches?

With the right strategies to win these searches, you can build an impressive average position.

Analytics Showing Search Metrics

You can use this information to help build your keyword list to create content around these intent searches. But that’s not all …

Leverage Your AdWords

Using your Adwords account has a few advantages that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can see:

  1. Which ad groups create conversions.
  2. If you’re spending wisely on paid search.
  3. If you rank organically for high-conversion keywords.

This means you can refine Search Console data to make sure you’re prioritizing the keywords that convert. To check on your rank, just do a quick Google search for each, then review the SERPs (search engine results pages).

To check these results, you need to have integrated Google Analytics and Google AdWords. If you haven’t, here’s our blog with some simple instructions for this integration.

If you have, you can achieve the same KPIs that Search Console gives us as you’ll see below — or even more insights like conversions, campaign costs, CPCs, CPLs, and others found directly in AdWords.

Google Search Console Metrics Example

Marry Content with Intent

Equipped with the intent-based keywords and queries, you can begin to marry your content with shoppers who are demonstrating an intent to buy (hence, intent-based!). We call these people the Now Buyers, and these shoppers promise the best return-on-investment.

Model Research Page Example of 2018 VW Passat

When you successfully marry the two, you’ll show up in the right searches for these Now Buyers to make a purchase — for more information on the Now Buyer, you can learn about who they are and how to build an effective budget around them here.

Here’s an example of a right-to-win search that a dealership can and should rank for in their markets when content marries intent: “2018 audi q3 for sale paramus”:

SERPs Example for Audi Paramus

And a second right-to-win search for a “2018 nissan altima madison wi”:

SERPs example for Madison, WI, Dealership

Reunion’s Dealership Network

Reunion Marketing analyzes millions of queries across our dealership network, which consists of hundreds of dealerships, to pinpoint the biggest opportunities to drive in-market, intent (ready-to-buy) traffic to the dealership website.

If you’d like more information, we offer a free demo to analyze your site.

Reunion Exclusive: Two Extra Tips to Continue Building Traffic

If you follow the three steps outlined above, you’ll help ensure that the traffic coming to your site is high-quality. Now, we want to give you your dealership site the best shot at drawing in and keeping consumers. Here are two bonus tips from Reunion:

  • Track your keywords
  • Use technical SEO best practices

Track Your Keywords

“Keyword tracking is dead.” Them some fightin’ words!

You absolutely want to track your keywords. Google gives you local results, and you can see exactly how you stack up against your competitors. You can use this information to prioritize your content schedule based on which keywords you have the best chance to win that also demonstrate the greatest shopping intent.

Moz Keyword List with Ranking for Toyota

The better your keywords rank, the more likely you’ll show up in the top spots of those types of consumer searches. The more data you can compile to guide your content strategy, the greater success you’ll have — especially as your efforts are fine-tuned to pursue the Now Buyer.

Technical SEO

Without following best practices of technical SEO, your content will go nowhere. That’s because even with the right keywords and focusing on intent won’t compensate for a lack of the right SEO puzzle pieces. You need this piece so Google can successfully crawl your site and your content to recognize it as being valuable and relevant to consumers — that’s Google’s goal, after all.

A List of Technical SEO Terms and Layman Definitions


If you want more insights about technical SEO or other digital marketing strategies, our free demo offers plenty of more information.

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