Automotive PPC,
tailor-made for your
prospective shoppers

Dealerships across the nation are jockeying for the attention of in-market car shoppers at the point of search in their own backyards. Naturally, you want to have an automotive paid search partner that has the best chance of connecting you with those shoppers. At Reunion, we know automotive SEM, otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC). We analyze and utilize thousands of keywords from our national network of dealers to architect hyper-targeted ads that reduce your costs and speak to the intent of audiences. And when shoppers leave your site, our customized retargeting efforts use your inventory to bring them back.

Today’s shopper expects more than ever.
Stand out from the crowd.
We can help.

The hits don’t stop for our partners

2x industry average
conversion rate from PPC traffic

18% click-through rate
across all dealership campaigns

(about 4x the industry average)

30% decrease
in cost per lead

$5,000 average management
fee savings in the first 4-months

Why we can do the same for you.

search ads

Capture the right customer, every time. Our responsive search ads help us determine the optimal ad experience that will put the most effective call-outs, price extensions, phone numbers, and structured snippets front and center for the shopper you want to engage.


Increased brand visibility. Improved ad recall. Elevated purchase consideration. A lot is possible with an effective video pre-roll strategy.

Dynamic & distinct retargeting

Leave the user wanting more once they’ve been on your site. We’ll bring them back. Using your inventory feed, we identify those in-market shoppers you most want to reach.

Vehicle Listing Ads (VLAs)

Showcase real-time inventory of new and used cars to nearby shoppers who are in the comparison and transaction stages. Your ads are dynamically created to feature vehicle photos, special prices, and other relevant details that move cars off the lot.

The bottom line:

We know how to optimize ad campaigns to generate leads,
& ultimately, move your vehicles off the lot.

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