You Have AdWords. You Have Google Analytics. Let’s Get Them Talking.

Two mouths communicating the keywords AdWords and Analytics to each other

Hello — again, perhaps?

You may have gotten here from two different paths: (1) our content about how to ensure you’re driving high-quality traffic to your site; (2) our guide for connecting Search Console with Google Analytics.

Then again, you may have just stumbled upon this.

Now matter your journey, let’s get to it.

Assuming you have your AdWords account already set up, log into your Google Analytics account and click “Admin.”

Google Analytics Backend with Direction to Click ADMIN Button

You will then click on “AdWords Linking” under the “Property” column.

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Where to Find AdWords Linking

Next, you will click on +NEW LINK GROUP.

Google Analytics Dashboard Showing Where to Add New Link Group

When you’ve gotten here, you should find your AdWords account and check next to it.

Click “Continue.”

Below is an example of a client’s list. Make sure the account you’re linking is the same one in AdWords where you’re building campaigns.

Google Analytics Dashboard Identifying Correct Account to Integrate

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