3 Ways Your Service Pages Can Encourage More Cars in Service Lanes


Earlier this summer, Google announced huge news about potential changes to page ranking factors. The announcement focused on two letters: UX, short for user experience. 

Backing up a step, let’s clear up what a ranking factor is. Searchmetrics summarizes ranking factors as “the criteria applied by search engines when evaluating web pages in order to compile the rankings of their search results.” A lot goes into ranking well in search engines, and one of the most prominent factors is whether or not your content corresponds with the search term itself. We covered that in our latest fixed ops blog post

Google’s announcement has every digital agency sitting up straight because it means new ways to get that top position locked in. Check out the entire announcement from Google here. The update will not take effect until 2021, and the key takeaway is this: Google wants to award the top rank to the most user-friendly pages.

Website User Experience Matters in Fixed Ops

Since we’ve been focused on our fixed ops marketing solution, PRO Drive, we want to relate this incredibly important industry announcement back to the power of a dealership’s service department. You want customers to have the most seamless experience possible when coming in for an oil change, brake repair, or tire change. That experience often starts online. 

Here are three things we have on our UX-friendly, conversion-first PRO Drive service pages that earn you more happy customers and prepare you to rank well into 2021.

1. Mobile-Friendly Layout

PRO Drive pages are designed mobile-first, giving users the opportunity to save coupons to their Apple Wallet, see available dealership amenities, or schedule the service appointment — all right at their fingertips.

2. Encourage Interactivity

Visually, the page has clear goals and potential options for a user to further interact with the website or make a conversion. Whether that conversion is calling the dealership through a click-to-call button or clicking the address to open Google Maps, the ability to interact rather than bounce off the page is vital.

3. No Intrusive Pop-ups or Parasites

PRO Drive service pages are designed to accommodate all potential customer needs. Perhaps a customer wants to save the service coupon to their phone, or perhaps they just want to see if the facility has WiFi. Nomatter what the user needs, they won’t be distracted by intrusive interstitials.

Proactivity Matters for Your Dealership’s Digital Success

If you’re interested in learning more about our PRO Drive solution and how we can start creating UX-friendly service pages on your dealership website, contact us today. To see how we got here, read our blog post on fixed mindsets in fixed ops, and stay tuned for more content about Reunion Marketing’s PRO Drive services.

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