Why You Should Be Making Service and Parts Searches You Want To Appear For

toyota service center search

Now more than ever, in an industry that looks a lot different than it did just a few months ago, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. You’ve almost certainly heard that expression before, and you’ve also heard countless times how important fixed operations are for your dealership’s bottom line. 

But the bottom line for your bottom line is this: You can boost your profitability just by appearing in searches for things like “oil change coupons” or even broader terms like “toyota service center.” Searches like these have urgency that can make an immediate impact for your dealership and send cars to your service lanes within minutes. But if you aren’t showing up for these searches, chances are you’re missing out.

Start With the Basics

Vehicle service shoppers don’t need to be sold — they just need a little push. They’re already making high intent searches for brakes, batteries, oil changes, tires, and more. So why not optimize your service pages for those urgency-driven keywords and meet them where they are with quick conversion opportunities (more to come on this)?

You need to show up on Google, Bing, and other search engines to start seeing the customers that are actually making these searches. If you want to rank for service-centric and repair-focused, start searching and take note of where you’re falling short. Act as the consumer would and use this not as an opportunity to get frustrated at the massive repair chain down the road, but rather an opportunity to grow your profitability and get some new customers through the door.

How to make growth happen

So, how do we resolve the issue of not showing up? A service landing page is only as effective as the content within. That’s why our PRO Drive fixed ops solution builds pages with relevant, targeted content that highlights specific services, general specials, and unique amenities — all with the goal of leading to ROs in the form of schedulers and phone calls.

PRO Drive also takes into account important technical aspects like metadata and heading tags, polishing them to help you stand out on SERPs and get Google to reward you with high placements. Working smarter means working with intention. PRO Drive produces pages that accommodate your specials while adhering to best practices that get you ranked. 

Nothing Wasted, Just ROI Earned

Mere exposure to your fixed operations pages will only bring increased exposure to your brand. Once customers are in your dealership, you open the door for retention and repeat sales opportunities — including brand new vehicle shoppers down the line. But first, you have to be ready to think like a digital marketer and do a little search engine research. We’d love to be the ones to help you out with that.

A More Holistic Dealership Experience Is Possible

We’ve only scratched the surface. If you’re interested in learning more about our fixed ops fascination and our PRO Drive solution, contact us today. To see how we got here, read our blog post on fixed mindsets in fixed ops, and stay tuned for more content about Reunion Marketing’s PRO Drive services.

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