Promoting Growth in Your Service Department With Social Media Advertising


We’re wrapping up our fixed ops blog series, and we can’t think of a more appropriate way to do that than with one of our favorite topics: social media advertising. As you may have already known, Reunion Marketing has developed an award-winning social media strategy for vehicle sales, reinforcing our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best fixed ops social strategy.

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far through this blog series: 

  • According to COX Automotive, 49% of dealership profits come from the service department. So while service operations haven’t historically received a proportionate share of the marketing dollars, there’s a solid argument for that to change.
  • Service is absolutely essential! COVID-19 has taught us many things, one of them being that we need our vehicles to run reliably and safely.
  • Most dealership service departments lose out online because independent service centers have digital strategies that find customers more efficiently.

Developing A Social Media Strategy for the Fixed Ops Department

If your dealership is still relying on direct mail and other traditional media, your efforts may be yielding consistent service lane traffic, but not promoting growth. Facebook and Instagram advertising have proven to be the most cost-effective ways to cultivate stimulus in your target market. These platforms also offer constant adaptability and agility to highlight current service specials or incentives, safety precautions, and facility amenities. With more traditional stimulus marketing like mailers, the message is cemented once sent: That means no flexibility available.  

Social media has also adapted beyond its role as a stimulus channel and can now be useful for intent. First-party data from your service department records is a tool that can and should be utilized when done safely. Also, the impact of retargeting users who have been to your service pages before is an easy win to reengage with people already familiar with you.

How PRO Drive Solves Stimulus Marketing

Ad variety is capable and encouraged in an effective Facebook marketing strategy. With our PRO Drive solution, we’re able to automatically comb your website for the current service department specials, which ensures the right ads are running for oil changes, tire specials, and more. 

Audience variety is also a must when enabling a cost-effective approach. That’s why we analyze and strategize using the tools available through Facebook Audiences, as well as resources available from our partner, Oracle

Reach is practically endless when it comes to marketing your service department via social media. If our methods sound like an avenue worth pursuing, PRO Drive could be the solution for your fixed ops department.

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