Performance Max Campaigns Explained

The only constant in digital marketing is change. 

Whether the change is driven by privacy expectations or consumer behaviors, we have to navigate an ecosystem as volatile — or exciting, depending on your perspective — as ever. One of the most effective changes we’ve experienced at Reunion Marketing these past few years is leaning into automation. That’s why we champion Performance Max campaigns because they drive performance growth as a new method to buy Google ads across all of the platform’s inventory from a single campaign.

YouTube. Display. Search. Discover. Maps.

According to Google, advertisers who leverage Performance Max campaigns see an average increase of 13% total incremental conversations at a similar cost per action. For Reunion Marketing’s dealer partners, we’ve seen closer to a 22% increase.

What to Know About Performance Max Campaigns

Automation — Your budget and bids across all of Google’s inventory are optimized using Google’s automation to help acquire new conversion opportunities (e.g. generating leads, offline sales, et cetera).

Audience Segments — Google has a deep understanding of user intent, behavior, and context to help you discover new audience segments so your ads show up in front of the right audiences.

Insights — You can use the Insights page to dive deeper into how automation has impacted your campaign with search trends, consumer interest insights, and persona insights to make strategic optimizations to drive even better results.

Human Oversight — You create high-quality creative assets and are looking at the data, so you can help Google’s automation make better decisions with your input, including a variety of signals like custom segments and previous website visitors.

Data Feed — You can import data feeds like a business data feed, which also helps maximize the use of features like targeting and ad extensions. 

A few other things to consider:

  • The more high-quality assets you provide, the more ad formats can be created and the more Google inventory your ads can appear on.
  • Know what marketing objective and coordinating conversion goals you’ll want to achieve with the campaign.
  • Avoid overlapping products and targeting with Smart Shopping campaigns, so your Performance Max doesn’t compete with it.
  • Avoid overlapping products and creative assets with Local Campaigns for the same business locations, so your Performance Max doesn’t compete with it.

This coupling of automation and human oversight is going to be a key driver of performance as you can dedicate more time in the account while Google continues to innovate and provide new products, assets, and inventory for advertisers. 

So, what to do now?

You can start creating new campaigns in Performance Max, as well as upgrade your existing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, which will allow you to access current ad inventory and new inventory and formats. 

There is a “one-click” tool in your Google Ads account that allows you to select specific campaigns or all of your campaigns at once to upgrade. And the learnings from your existing campaigns are transferred to the new Performance Max so you don’t lose out on historical performance. 

If you have not upgraded or do not upgrade by July, Google will automatically upgrade Smart Shopping campaigns from July through September; in August through September, your Local campaigns will be automatically upgraded. 

For More Information on Performance Max Campaigns … 

If you are interested in achieving greater results like those demonstrated here using Performance Max campaigns, please reach out to our team at Or start to better understand the full capabilities of our Paid Search strategies.

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