Getting Ready to Launch Local Service Ads in 2024? Read This!

Maximize your marketing campaign benefits with these helpful tips 

Local service ads resulted in $8 billion dollars in annual sales just a few short years ago — and with the refinement that’s taken place in ad and keyword strategies, we’re hopeful that that number will triple over the next few years. How do you get your piece of the pie, you ask? 

We’ll tell you: Strategic local service ads. 

These simple steps will help you to maximize your campaign benefits with ease; bringing in more bookings and cutting your costs. Here’s what you need to know about local service ads in 2024. 

Google Wants To Help Businesses With Local Service Ads (LSAs) 

Google is always looking out for, well, Google. By keeping their community alive and thriving with relevant resources and vendors, they retain their search volume — which helps both them and your home service business to profit. At this time of this publication, Google is offering to double your chances at profitable bookings; offering you $500 in credit when you spend $500 in ads.

LSAs vs. PPC Campaigns

Google only charges you if someone books, calls, or messages you through the LSA ad itself. This perk alone makes local service ads attractive to service providers who want to stay tech- and cost-savvy. 

You Can Get Helpful Visual Validation To Boost Conversion Rates 

Customer reviews are considered “gold” on your Google Business Profile page — and so are Google’s helpful visual validation tools. For example: Providers who offer home services like AC or heating repair, are eligible for the Google Guaranteed badge. By having this badge, Google tells customers that you’re screened, trusted, and qualified to do the job; helping you stand out from your competitors.

They also offer Google Screened and License Verified by Google indicators, which works to help other providers across industries to establish their “e-reputation.” 

Just be prepared, this process requires good and frequent communication and patience between you and your agency partner.

You Can Double-Down On Your Online Presence 

These local service ads appear at the very top of Google’s display when certain keywords or queries are searched. This means that you’ll automatically be at the top of someone’s screen, encouraging a click or a conversion. This also leaves you the opportunity to maximize your benefits with a concurrent content marketing campaign. 

Working on your organic and paid reach simultaneously can be a fast way to reach both the #1 spot in the organic search area, and in the local service ad bar. 

How Can I See If I’m Eligible For Local Service Ads? 

Currently, all United States vendors in approved service categories and industries can run local service ads. Some of the most common service categories include: 

  • Cleaning services 
  • Electricians 
  • General contractor services 
  • Handyman services 
  • HVAC services 
  • Plumbing services 
  • Roofing services 
  • Pool services 
  • Window services 

Industries and allowances can vary depending on your business location. Luckily, Google has a useful tool that can help you determine your eligibility in just a few seconds. 

Ready To Get Started? 

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