Automotive Digital Marketing in 2024: Navigating Through a Changing Landscape

I’ve witnessed the automotive digital marketing landscape evolve rapidly over the years, particularly over the past three. In 2024, it’s essential for us and our dealership partners to anticipate the shifts and adapt our strategies to stay ahead throughout the changing landscape. Here are four key predictions that I believe will shape our industry in the coming year.

1. Google’s Increasing Automation and the Impact of Privacy Laws

In 2024, we expect Google to continue enhancing its advertising automation, largely driven by changing privacy laws. We have already seen consolidation in advertising that supports Google’s several revenue streams by requiring the use of Performance Max ads for important marketing channels like the Maps and Vehicle Listing Ads. This shift towards automation will reduce manual inputs, emphasizing the importance of working with companies adept at navigating these changes. As Google has decimated their support system internally and in particular what we’ve seen first-hand in the automotive industry, they have lost a lot of trust with dealerships and have removed opportunities for a more manual, ROI-focused approach. “Trust the algorithm” is harder and harder to do in an environment post-iOS14.5 update where Google itself has lost visibility into shopping behaviors outside the platform and because of this, dealers must partner with experts who understand how to effectively allocate budgets and set goals that prioritize the advertiser’s interests over the algorithm’s.

2. AI: The Buzzword of Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to be a dominant buzzword in 2024. Despite its growing presence, AI is far from reaching market maturity or saturation. This year, expect to see significant innovations in AI applications within automotive digital marketing, driving more personalized and efficient customer experiences. Also expect to see just as many if not more failures in the AI world. Not everything that is called AI is actually AI and it is even easier to predict as has been the case for several years now that the term will be misused with regularity for yet another year despite many companies leveraging it the right way. Reunion is excited to build upon its AI integrations through its KeyLift technology and beyond.

3. Emphasis on EVs and Hybrids in Manufacturer Marketing

Our conversations with various manufacturers indicate a significant increase in marketing efforts for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids. As consumer demand for sustainable and efficient transportation grows, manufacturers are aligning their advertising strategies with this trend. We predict a growing portion of the automotive marketing budget will be dedicated to promoting these eco-friendly options. At the same time, we predict that there will be significantly different results across the country in terms of success selling these vehicles based on the large disparity in search volume for these types of shopping signals depending on geographic location. Some dealerships will see very high inventory turnover while others will see increasingly aging vehicles in this segment as supply continues to build.

4. Reunion Marketing’s Commitment to Innovation

At Reunion Marketing, we’re not just observing these trends; we’re actively shaping them. In 2024, we’ll be rolling out new product updates each month, in line with our ambitious product roadmap. Our continued growth and innovation will keep pushing the boundaries in automotive SEO, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. KeyLift has been a gamechanger for our clients in creating even greater transparency, accountability, and tangibility in Search Engine Optimization, and while we had our largest growth year ever in 2023 we expect as we continue to innovate to support even more growth as our dealership partner network builds.

Currently in the queue: 106 product innovations as we lean into our Core Value of Continuous Improvement and that’s not a prediction, that’s an expectation!

As we move into 2024, the automotive digital marketing world is set to undergo significant changes. From Google’s evolving advertising platforms to the rising prominence of EVs and AI innovations, staying ahead means being adaptable, informed, and forward-thinking. At Reunion Marketing, we’re committed to leading the charge, ensuring our partners thrive in this dynamic environment.

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