Start Utilizing Google My Business Posts To See Your Service Lanes Succeed


Dealerships depend on Google My Business (GMB) because of the impact it makes on their web traffic and the exposure it brings to their brand. But while GMB has become the backbone to a strong localized digital strategy, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. It requires optimizations just like any other marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

Maintaining the correct information, uploading quality photos, and routinely answering customer questions are all great habits to form with GMB, but there’s another feature that many businesses don’t utilize: Google My Business Posts.

What Are GMB Posts?

A lot is possible through GMB posts, and one of the biggest benefits is the opportunity to announce customer incentives for your service department. According to Google:

“You can connect with existing and potential customers through your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps through posts. You can create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock, or event details directly with your customers.” 

The great thing about GMB Posts is that when a potential customer searches for a particular business on Google, the Post shows up front-and-center in the business’s Knowledge Panel. 

We see that first-hand with our clients. GMB posts offer yet another high exposure place to get those service specials and incentives in front of potential customers through each marketing channel, which could ultimately determine if the month meets its service lane goals and quota. 

Helpful Tips For GMB Posts

If you’re looking to increase your dealerships’ visibility and specials through GMB Posts, here are a few helpful tips:

  • For the best image quality, use a photo that is 750 x 750
  • Make sure the landing page you send visitors to matches the content of the Post. A landing page that does not meet expectations could lead to a hard bounce.
  • Follow SEO best practices and be sure to include relevant keywords in your Post. This will further help signal to Google that your business is a relevant listing to show a potential user.

GMB Posts Powered By PRO Drive

Efficiency is essential when you need customers to start seeing your service and parts department specials, and that’s why Reunion’s PRO Drive is an automated system that disperses your fixed ops specials and incentives through every channel. If you need a more powerful fixed ops marketing strategy that supports your dealership’s service department, PRO Drive may be able to help.

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