What Does Chat GPT Mean For SEO Strategy?


AIs have become more than just a buzzword within the digital marketing industry. And while artificial Intelligence certainly has its place within the scope of SEO and digital campaigns, we have to ask: to what extent? This blog post breaks down the complexities of Chat GPT and explores the potential benefits it yields to SEO work.

The Basics: What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It aggregates human inputs to give you the most accurate information possible, which can create a significant impact to your site’s overall SEO quality. 

As we consider the impact that ChatGPT can have on SEO, we have to consider several key factors. These include: 

  • The quality of the content provided 
  • The timeliness of the content 
  • The originality of the content 
  • The human quality that the content may or may not carry 

We’ve outlined each factor and its SEO implications below: 

How does Chat GPT impact SEO?

A large concern has arisen over the quality and originality of Chat GPT’s content. Since it aggregates top-performing sites and sources to pull together its response based on the initial human-input inquiry, it may or may not be as accurate as it otherwise could. This can be especially true for recent events through 2021, or niche fields that require 100% accuracy — such as medical and legal. 

Incorrect or misaligned content that does not serve your reader(s) can impact your SEO score. Having a careful human eye look over any outputs is critical to your brand image. 

However, there are benefits to consider if you’re evaluating the use of ChatGPT in your marketing strategy. Two of Reunion Marketing’s Core Values are Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Continuous Improvement, largely because these two mindsets are essential when working within a regular environment of change. 

Digital marketing has quickly evolved because of the regular use of experimentation and building newer and better technology. In this context, there is near endless potential for AI’s utility in the marketing landscape. 

In a blog from February 2023, Google has gone on the record reinforcing these concepts, highlighting the possible utility that AI could offer in marketing.  They began their statement with “we’ve long believed in the power of AI to transform the ability to deliver helpful information.” 

When building a successful SEO strategy, it is essential that helpful content is at the centerpiece of that strategy. E-A-T—Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, should remain the endgame goal of website content. 

This is the reason why Reunion has analyzed billions of keywords to understand what in-market customers are searching for so that we can develop long-term plans to build content to satisfy those needs and questions. 

Chat GPT helps both with the analysis of this search data but also with information regarding the many different types of searches. We also expect to see additional improvements and uses as the tool is refined. 

Why is Artificial Intelligence so important to our industry?

Reunion Marketing’s focus is on helpful content that turns shoppers into buyers. To ensure this, there is a concerted focus on tracking high volume keywords from potential customers to track visibility while also measuring conversion through Google Analytics to track shopping behaviors. Using technology, Reunion can deliver a higher volume of quality and helpful content that will be seen by more potential customers. This is the core piece of Reunion’s strategy, the reason so much was invested in building the KeyLift and other automation technologies that power the creation of helpful content for in-market shoppers, and why Reunion will continue to experiment and lean into AI as another tool to outpace the market for its partners.

As with all new technology, there will be people that overreact and jump all-in to that new technology while others wait far beyond early adoption. Reunion understands that ChatGPT is a tremendous tool for gathering information and creating even greater understanding with it. What it is not, however, is where people are going to do their shopping. As with all marketing channels, Reunion will continue to monitor traffic, usage, and intent as it builds strategies around connecting shoppers with sellers in the most efficient and effective ways.

Chat GPT and other AI technology is a helpful complement to SEO and digital marketing efforts. Reunion Marketing is both fully experimenting with and adopting the successful approaches that leverage this technology.

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