Apple Business Connect: What Is It & How Can Dealerships Leverage It? 


One of the latest additions rolled out for iOS users is Apple Business Connect. This special tool could be just the thing you need to establish, grow, and solidify your business’s brand presence. Below, we’re digging into everything you need to know about Apple Business Connect. We’ll also be covering possible benefits and best practices to help you get the most out of your experience. 

What Is Apple Business Connect? 

Created to be a business “hub” for iOS users, the free Apple Business Connect portal exists to help you establish your brand presence across Apple ecosystem hubs. Your customers will be able to connect with you across a variety of subservices in the iOS network, including Maps, Siri, and Apple Wallet. You’ll also be able to create new events or special offers for members of a target market, allowing you to have (yet another) avenue of connection with your prospects. 

Benefits Of Using Apple Business Connect For Car Dealerships 

There are plenty of benefits to using Apple Business Connect to build your dealership’s presence. We’ve listed a few of the most notable below: 

1. Marketing Insights To Help You Grow Your Business 

If you’re an avid user and updated of your dealership’s Google Business profile and value its helpful insights, you’re sure to love the intuitive tracking that comes natively with the Apple Business Connect tools’ “Insights” option. Track incoming traffic, source prospect origins and view click-thru rates in just a few simple taps, along with more complex metrics and analysis. Using the “Action Button Module”, you can see data about how many users used your ABC profile to get directions, visit the website, make a call, and more.

2. Direct Outreach Options

Did you know that there are over 1.5 billion active iPhone users as of 2023? This means more seamlessly connecting with members in your target market. 

3. New, Unique Advertising Options 

You can create special offers using the Showcases tool in seconds using the Apple Business Connect tool. The best part? There’s little to no barrier to entry. You can implement easy-to-use actions (such as Call Now or Visit Website) into your user experience, making you just a single click away from a possible conversion. Keep in mind, only one Showcase can be running at a time.

Best Practices: Using Apple Business Connect in 2023 

Looking for the best way to get started using Apple Business Manager? Here’s a few suggestions from our marketing experts: 

  • Sign on and Verify. While any business can join, Apple does have a short enrollment process that confirms eligibility and gets you set up to win on the next step, identifying the administrator and subsequent hierarchy to tie the business to. 
  • Update all business information. Staying as relevant as possible with your audience is key for long-term brand awareness and advocacy. Keeping your info as up-to-date as you can helps you to capture every possible click and conversion. 
  • Put together a “limited-time offer.” You won’t want to launch your ABC empty-handed. Instead, formulate a launch offer that enables you to see the full spectrum of trackable metrics and experiment with platform best practices. You might even get a conversion as a result! 

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