Google’s Medic Update Has CDK’s Conversions Cruising, Too

As last month came to an end, we noted something peculiar about our dealer network. Those who used CDK as a website platform saw significant increases in organic traffic that coincided with the Google “Medic” algorithm update. Our strategy is traffic versus conversion. After seeing a traffic increase, we decided to look at our conversions.

*Caveat: This is not an endorsement for CDK. This is just a report of our findings based on our network’s data. If you’re interested in more data about the automotive website landscape, we have much more data to share.*

If you missed our post on CDK organic increases, the portion of our dealer network on that platform saw an average of a 45% organic traffic increase. 

Conversion Rate Increases Also Coincide With “Medic” Update

Our data analysts found that the same network of dealers on the CDK platform saw an average 44% increase in conversions, which comes in almost lockstep with the organic traffic findings.In fact, there was only a 1.17% difference between the change in conversions and organic traffic. This indicates to us that the increased traffic was highly qualified — the right kind of traffic. Check out some of the results:

Chart of increased conversions for Client 1

Chart of increased conversions for Client 2

Chart of increased conversions for Client 3

The question that remains is whether these were genuine increases or the short-term boosts we often see when Google updates its algorithm. As we always do, our team will continue watching the numbers and trends to make that determination regarding CDK sites.

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