Automotive Dealership Budgeting: KPI Cafe Episode 1

Welcome to the first official episode of the KPI Cafe. You’re about to join Brand and Public Relations Manager Dane Saville, who sits down with Reunion’s CEO Dave Spannhake to talk about the foundation for automotive dealerships to build their marketing budget. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of our insights and data points, you can subscribe to our monthly educational newsletter here. Below are a breakdown of topics covered and some supplemental blogs to dive deeper into the content.

—— Topics Covered ——
Understanding stimulus & intent marketing (2:15)
Breaking down data in the automotive space (3:30)
Marketing budget benchmarks in the auto industry (4:45)
Actionable tips to implement on your site now (7:30)
Current spending habits of automotive dealerships (10:00)
—— Supplemental Material ——

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