The Waste of Traditional Media vs. The Efficiencies of Programmatic: KPI Cafe Episode 2

With his background as a Media Buyer and Marketing Director for a 33-store group in Raleigh, North Carolina, Reunion Marketing’s CEO Dave Spannhake breaks down the waste of traditional media buying versus the efficiencies of programmatic advertising. Below the video are a breakdown of topics and some supplemental blogs to accompany this week’s episode.

—— Topics Covered ——
Process of buying traditional media (0:52)
Example of a traditional media buy with TV (2:22)
What is programmatic (5:49)
Example of a programmatic advertising buy with video pre-roll (6:45)
Breakdown of the audience, CPM, spend, and frequency of traditional vs. programmatic (8:08)
—— Supplemental Material ——

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