RM 10 Million Keyword Study: KPI Cafe Episode 5

Brand and Public Relations Manager Dane Saville discusses Reunion Marketing’s 10,000,000 keyword studies, as well as offers guides to connect your Google Analytics account with your Search Console and Ads accounts. We have those, and more, linked below the video.

—— Topics Covered ——

Connect Google Analytics w/ Search Console (0:27)

Connect Google Analytics w/ Google Ads (0:39)

5 Single-Word Keywords with Highest Search Volume (1:10)

What Can You Do with This Data? (2:00)

How Car Shoppers Search Online (2:40)

Task for KPI Viewers (3:09)

Example of Filling a Content Gap: Reunion Ranks for Porsche (3:21)

—— Supplemental Material ——

Connect Google Analytics with Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Connect Google Analytics to Search Console

Here’s How Car Shoppers Are Now Searching To Buy

Here are the Most Used One-Word Terms in Car Shopper Queries 

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