A Little Story About the Power of Keyword Research

Magnifying glass atop a notebook of notes with text treatment above that reads "Keyword Research"

We like to produce a lot of content that can help you be your own expert. Significant time and planning go into what we think will matter most to dealer principals, general managers, and internet directors.

Once we’ve outlined the month’s topics, our team writes, revises, edits, reviews, revises again, publishes, and promotes. Reunion’s social media team boosts our blog posts for even greater reach than our organic efforts, which are myriad.

That’s been the formula for the majority of our content. One post, though, has the second-most sessions out of all the content we’ve published despite having never received a single promotional dollar.

The blog that performs so remarkably well is …

An Explanation of Porsche Models

Google Analytics listing our blog posts by visitors to each post with the greatest volume at the top

Andrew Kocha, co-founder and marketing manager, loves cars. In fact, he’s a resource for every single person in our agency to get answers about makes, models, features, and more. He wrote this blog post when we used to ask volunteers to write about topics they loved — but find a specific message based on keyword research.

As we began partnering with Porsche dealerships, our writers started asking questions about the brand’s model lineup. Even though we had questions, that didn’t mean car shoppers were asking the same ones, so Andrew dove into a few tools to see if this was an angle worth pursuing.

The search volume was there. Yes, people wanted to understand how Porsche created its lineup. Below is a screenshot of our Search Console in Google Analytics, which shows the clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate, and average position (your rank in the search results). Note the Porsche queries we’ve ranked 1st through 4th for.

A screen shot from Search Console that shows what searches get the most impressions

What Does This Mean for Dealerships?

You have opportunities to take the lead by answering people’s questions about your brand and vehicles. It’s a long-term game and may not generate immediate sales, but it will build brand awareness and make your content a resource that local consumers return to in the future.

This is where you can meet car shoppers at all early touchpoints in the buyer’s journey.

This process begins with keyword exploration. Plenty of tools offer data-driven insights to help you succeed in all of your dealership’s digital marketing efforts.

Now it’s time to begin writing your story of popular, traffic-driving content. But if you find that you need help, we encourage you to contact us to discover how our strategies can help you build traffic and conversions without adding more to your workload.

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