Relevant Content, Reliable Results: The Power of Purposeful SEO Content

As more small businesses have gained access to boutique agencies or local digital marketing talent, this phrase has evolved to account for the inundation of content out there: relevant content is king. Google continues to emphasize the importance of relevance implies that a lot of content out there is more superficial than substantive — it doesn’t quite address the consumer’s intent, which underscores another important aspect to digital marketing: intent is nuanced and not so black-and-white.

In this blog, we’re teasing you with some of the top insights you can expect from our latest e-book, Don’t Let Your Dealership Go Hungry – You Have to E-A-T.

E-A-T, Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness.

Don’t have time to read a full e-book? We get that. Here’s what this important concept of E-A-T boils down to as it relates to your SEO strategy.

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are the guiding principles of Google’s advancement in delivering results for varying search entries. Fulfilling these helps your business connect with prospective customers throughout the entire path to purchase.

For example, having several previous years model-year content, this dealer managed to acquire 1,578 unique sessions from local car shoppers specifically seeking this type of inventory. Bring the value to searchers and the search engine by having the most relevant content possible, and the criteria that the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness will be met. Just know, this level of detail takes time, research, and technical know-how.

The Moral of the Automotive Content Story

As a dealer, you have plenty of stories to tell about your products and services. You have multiple profit centers to hit that are loaded with both evergreen opportunities and those to create new, fresh content. By telling those stories, you’re creating dozens — even hundreds or thousands — of entities that will clearly communicate your E-A-T to Google and other search engines who follow suit in evolving beyond keyword-based SERPs and content serving.

The more robust your storytelling, the more robust your entities, the more powerful your E-A-T, and the more likely you’ll cement yourself with that digital presence where it matters most: where your customers are telling you what they need (and sometimes when). 

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