How to Best Target Customers Using Local SEO: A Content Guide


It is so important to continuously refine and optimize your localized, digital strategy. Local SEO is one of the most powerful ways to use content, helping you claim part of the approximated 53.3% of web traffic that’ is attributed to organic search. 

The question on most marketers’ minds is: What kind of content makes a splash in this market? 

We’ll save you the Google search. Below, we’re digging into recommendations from our experts, giving you tried-and-true content types to try to supercharge your content strategy. 

What type of content is best for local SEO? 

There are near-endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your content type. Few to consider as you build your content strategy: 

Google My Business (GBP) profiles 

56% of Google My Business customer actions are website visits. Optimizing your profile on the platform should be your first priority as you begin to create your holistic digital marketing approach. 

In the automotive industry, it is best practices to have sales, service, and parts listing broken out, but nested within the primary sales listing.

Not sure where to start? Be sure to provide as much information as you possibly can. You should also explore any category-specific features you might have that can further optimize your profile. Google offers a great list of suggestions on their website.  Rule of thumb in automotive is to have more categories versus fewer categories.

Reunion Marketing’s LocalEyes process creates a streamlined and proven way to achieving best-in-class local SEO results. The greatest advantage to LocalEyes is our reporting function which assigns a letter grade to each GBP profile. That way, if you are graded at a B or below, you know exactly what is needed to increase your grade to an A.

State, regional, and city pages 

Local pages are critical for getting your content to rank fast in areas of interst. Any time someone Googles “(X) service near (location),” you’ll have a chance to rank if you have content targeted to that location. This gives you an opportunity to win that conversion and further drive traffic. 

When prioritizing this form of content, it can be helpful to view the progression as an inverted triangle that allows you to get more localized and focused as time passes. 

State pages can be helpful, especially if you live in a small state or only have a single location. Optimizing by state can also be great if you have services that might only be available within certain states.

Regional pages are a popular place to start, especially if a team decides to bypass state pages. Regions are great to optimize for if you are located in a large metro area, where people may be more inclined to search “near (metro/region)” vs. “near (smaller city).” 

City pages offer visibility mainly to your niche group of residents, as well as residents in surrounding cities. Neighborhood pages do the same on a smaller, more strategic scale — and may not be needed if you live in a small to mid-sized city. They can be useful, however, if you have more than one location in a given city. 

But keep your navigation simple! Only About Us should live in the main navigation, while the remainder of pages can live as dropdowns.

FAQ and blog pages 

FAQs, or frequently asked questions, are a great way to flex your industry expert “muscles” and cement your position as your viewer’s #1 choice for a certain product or service. They’re also a great way to target specific answer boxes, which can bump you up in Google’s new endless scroll layout (depending on the given search term).

Blog posts about different topics related to your inventory and services by geo is another locally charged tool for seeing traffic increases in your target markets. 

Location pages 

Dedicated service pages offer great opportunities for local SEO (especially if you structure them by service area) — offering you the opportunity to provide both thought leadership and locally optimized content. These can offer you twofold benefits of higher conversion rates (due to increased visibility to the local residents of a given area), and the benefit of better overall brand awareness and perception…period. 

KeyLift prioritizes local service pages that are relevant and formatted for conversions.

Let us perfect your local SEO strategy 

Ready to learn more? The team at Reunion Marketing is here to help. We’ll get you up and running with an industry-leading strategy, a proven plan, and all the support you need to rapidly grow and scale your business. Connect with us today to learn more about proven SEO strategies in your area of need. 

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