Homepage to SRP Efficiencies: KPI Cafe Episode 9

Brand & PR Manager Dane Saville invites CEO Dave Spannhake back to talk about homepage to SRP efficiencies: why it’s important to know how efficient you are and what the audit of our national dealer network tells us about performance. In
addition to this video, linked below is a blog we wrote to supplement this episode. It even includes a step-by-step guide of how to audit your own homepage to SRP data.

Topics Covered

Purpose of a Dealer’s Homepage (0:51)

What Does Auditing the Homepage to SRP Efficiency Tell Us? (1:11)

What Exactly Do We Mean by Efficiency? (1:33)

Homepage to SRP Chart: Top 20%, Bottom 20%, Average, Median, Standard Deviation (1:48)

What is the Key Takeaway of this KPI Cafe? (2:11)

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