Don’t Ignore Your Google Analytics Notifications!

If you have built a presence on the Internet, you’ve taken your first step. If you have Google Analytics installed, good work! You’ve equipped yourself with the ability to take so many more steps. But, you now have those pesky notifications at the top-right part of your screen.

Messy Google Analytics

Google Analytics notifications do a lot of things, and one of its most beneficial functions is making sure that your tracking code is utilized to its fullest potential. The image above is a good example of how most people’s analytics notifications appear. If you’re a novice to Google Analytics, then this might be a bit overwhelming. And if you have an analytics account with a number of notifications and don’t know what they mean or how to address them, I can hopefully get through to you.

Here are a few examples of Analytics Notifications that might be showing:

  • Missing Tracking Code
  • Bad Event Tracking Code
  • No Goal Conversions
  • Redundant Hostnames
  • Filter Internal Traffic
  • Incomplete Adwords Linking
  • Enable Advertising Features


Google Analytics is free. And it wants to help. So while it is easy to hit “dismiss” or “ignore” on these notifications, what are you doing (or not doing) to your data?

Do you want to set up goal conversions to show how many of your visitors exhibit shopping behavior?

Do you want all of your paid search data being fed directly into analytics?

Let’s take a minute to celebrate what a clean analytics account looks like.

Clean Google Analytics

Mr. Jingles! No, that’s not my pet name during the holiday season. It’s Google’s official mascot for all notifications. I’m not kidding: he has his own Google+ page, so you can keep up with him. My goal today was to spark a little more interest in all of those Google notifications, which can so easily be disregarded.
If you have any specific questions about these notifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Reunion Marketing. We offer free digital audits and would be more than willing to review what Mr. Jingles has to say about your Google Analytics.

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