5 Reasons Why You Need Good Web Design Going Into 2017

Okay, you have a business. For that business, you’ve created a website; in fact, you even use tools like paid search ads that lead users to your website. You are on the right track; however, how does that website influence people once they click to it?

That’s the role of good web design.

Good web design is one of those digital marketing ingredients that you somehow know is important to your strategy, but you don’t really know why it’s important. Well, in a simplified way, you can think of it as your online baking powder — if you don’t use it, the results just aren’t quite as delicious.

But what makes the web design GOOD?

I’m glad you asked. The problem for most businesses with an online presence is this: How can I get more people to buy my products or services by visiting my website? Good web design should help address that problem through savvy strategies and aesthetics.

Almost every problem has more than one solution — but don’t tell your calculus teacher that. The same is true for design problems. For example: You have a boot store, and you want people to buy your brand’s new boots. You have several ways to make this happen:

You could have a pop-up on your website that looks something like this:


That technically solves the problem. The user knows you have new boots that can be bought from you. Still, a better solution may perhaps be this:


This pop-up solves the same problem, but it makes for a better emotional connection with the user. The first one used a scare tactic and glaring colors; the second engages the user with an idea that they could find their perfect boot, looking cool as they sit on a brick wall for some Instagramming. It also has a clear CTA to lead the user straight to the product, while the one before made you type in the URL yourself (heaven forbid).

Both are design and solve the problem.

One is good design, solving it in a pleasant, user-friendly manner.

You probably knew the first design was bad before I told you. That’s the trick. You shouldn’t have to think about good design. It should work so well you don’t notice it. You think “Ahhh, that’s how the world should be.”

So now that we know the difference, why is it important to have good web design?

5 Benefits of Good Web Design

It connects with the user.

2016 (almost 2017) Fact: Everyone and their grandmother has a website for their business. Simply being good enough just doesn’t cut it anymore. Having a design that connects with the user and takes them through your business’ story, values, and goals is the key to stop them from thinking “been there, seen that” and clicking to the next site.

It makes your brand recognizable.

If you see someone typing or texting on a sleek piece of aluminum technology, you know exactly what brand it is before you even see the apple-shaped logo many have come to worship. The best brands can be recognized from website to storefront, with every bit cohesive throughout. Good design allows users to see something associated with your brand and automatically know it’s yours. No need for a giant logo when your entire website is an “about us” page, which in this age of short attention spans is the only way to really get your point across.

It builds trust.

If you click to a website and it feels like you just hopped in a DeLorean and traveled back to the 90’s, you’re probably not going to trust that 82% of their partners have experienced all-time highs in organic traffic. A website that looks well-designed and up to date can make the user feel like they can put their trust in your knowledge and professionalism.

It can keep people on your site longer.

If your website is full of large blocks of tiny text, bad quality photos, high contrast, and a confusing navigation, users will jump ship all too soon. Quality design can keep them engaged longer, by working with the content team to make the flow of information as intuitive and unobtrusive as possible.

It makes your site FAST.

The design process is not always fast. But with the right tools and practices, a good web design makes your website fast. This not only makes your users happy and more likely to come back again one day, but it makes Google happy. And when Google is happy, you just might achieve that coveted top search result position you’ve been longing for.

There are countless benefits to having a well-designed website, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. To make a digital impact without diving into the deep on your own, contact us for a free digital analysis and see how our expert team can help you dominate your market.

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