Create Leads with Social. Don’t Simply Join the Buzzword Bandwagon.

A lot of people use social media marketing terms — few actually use them. One of those words you’ve likely heard a lot is data. It’s become vital to social media because the hard truth is that people you can reach through posting to your wall is worth bupkis.

Even companies with 500,000 likes peaked with an organic reach of 2% (that’s not a typo). The moral of the story is that you need to monetize your profiles, especially our Facebook page.

And you can maximize the value of every dollar spent here as compared to other stimulus channels:

One of the most effective ways to reach this audience is to use your own CRM.

CRM Reanimation™ isn’t Science Fiction. It’s Effective Data Science.

Using the right Facebook advertising strategies, you can rotate inventory in your carousel ads — sending people in your cleaned CRM list to specific VDPs; thus, to the car they specifically want.

When a car sells, swap out the details to place a new car into the ad without losing potential buyers because the ad is paused or you’re waiting on a new campaign.

The ePush lists get continually updated, helping us market newer cars to a fresher audience. To enrich these efforts by leveraging our data to know which are the most popular models in your market. Here’s what we achieved by coupling our strategies with ePush’s data:

A distinguishing feature of the traffic flowing from these social media ads is that they didn’t simply click and forget. These consumers were highly motivated, in-market car shoppers who engaged with the website.

Google Analytics Backend Showing Facebook Ad Metrics

What you see above is a piece of the Google Analytics report from Nissan Store 2, which shows how people aren’t simply or accidentally clicking on our highly relevant social media ads. They’re engaging with the content.

As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. And these numbers look good. Do you want to reach these numbers?

Work Smarter: ePush’s Data Reanimation™ and Reunion’s Strategies

We’ve discovered that leveraging an email list can be remarkably effective. That’s because lists can be …


  • Filtered
  • Segmented
  • Screened

But, we’re limited in how far we can go. That means you can go through a rigorous process to narrow the scope of your social media ads to make the campaigns as effective as possible. It does, however, take a lot of time and effort to clean this data.

At this point, most entrepreneurs would use the cliche “Work smarter, not harder.” So we did.

How Things Fell into Place for this Perfect Union …

The dealerships we work with have been plugging consumer data into their CRM for years. Chances are good that you have, too. It has collected hundreds, even thousands, of emails that may or may not be valid.

Even if we ran it through our internal process, we still couldn’t properly check the list for every single potential opportunity to connect with each person in the list.

Cue ePush.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

ePush’s Reanimation™ can update a majority of these entries with new records: postal, email, and phone numbers. For our goals, we needed only email.

How do they do it?

Great question — they have a stand-and-applaud-worthy data-driven process.

So, you potentially have thousands of people in your CRM that you collected from third-party leads, your site’s conversion opportunities, sales team plugins, and other sources. These people, though they’ve shown an interest in your brand and dealership, never had a transaction with you.

ePush utilizes their proprietary DATAFI™, which will …  

  1. Locate any missing information, duplicates, inaccurate entries, misspellings, bad addresses, and other data issues.
  2. “Waterfall” the files to develop the entries through their proprietary data ecosystem.
  3. Reconcile the new, clean list against their opt-in network to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.
  4. Send the data back to you, so you can start making more money.

Supercharge Your Social with ePush and Reunion Marketing

If this data has you gritting your teeth with excitement, we’re ready to leverage your social media to start selling more cars. Contact our sales team at or schedule a free demo to get a comprehensive digital analysis.

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