What We Know About Today’s Used Car Buyers To Get Ready For 2021


Used car sales have entered into unprecedented times as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Looking back on the Great Recession, you’ll remember the reliability that used car sales brought dealers when the average buyer was more hesitant than ever to purchase. But today, used sales have gone beyond consistent and become more of a surge.

Data shows that people are buying used now for three primary reasons. First, because they are less likely to use ride-sharing or public transit. Second, their income has been negatively impacted by the economic repercussions of the pandemic. Or finally, their ultimate selection was impacted by the new car shortage dealers across the country are facing. Whatever the reason, demand is present and continues to grow, so it’s important to review the ways to reach and advertise to these customers.

Finding The Customers In-Market For Used Cars

According to Google, May 2020 was the highest searched month for used car related searches in history. This directly reflects the buying statistics released by Edmunds in June 2020 that used car sales increased 22% year over year. People began their research online, making searches before ultimately making the investment the following month. 

After analyzing our dealer network, here’s a rundown of digital tactics employed by dealers who had the most success this year.

Get Smarter With Your Google Ads

Challenge your paid search provider or team to deliver more intelligent Google Ad campaigns for used vehicles. Start by ensuring every used vehicle on your lot has an ad associated with it. A search like “2018 honda accord for sale” may not be high volume, but it’s certainly high intent.

Optimize Your Website

Third-party sites like Edmunds and Cars.com offer stiff competition for used searches. You should develop a content strategy for writing blogs about used cars and deep link them to filtered SRPs. VDPs are fleeting and best left for your paid search and social advertising. Build authority with used-specific pages.

Be Unforgettable With Facebook Ads

Used vehicle shoppers are less brand loyal and more receptive to varieties. Having a wide range of inventory ads on Facebook gets your inventory in front of users who are at different stages in the purchasing funnel.

Getting Prepared for the New Year

2020 brought many challenges, but with a New Year comes a new beginning and new opportunities. Used vehicle sales will remain consistent, so make sure your messaging meets the demand to have a strong start in 2021. 

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