Duplicate Content: The “Big Bad” Harming Your SEO Strategy (+ Tips To Fix) 


In the changing world of SEO, one thing has remained constant: Google wants to show your searcher the most relevant, intent-aligned content with each query. This means that each piece needs to be as unique, gripping, and well-written as possible. 

Seems easy enough—however, there’s one thing standing in the way of many brands excelling in the algorithm is duplicate content.

Here’s how you can continue to audit, edit, and evaluate your content, helping you to have the maximum possible impact on your ranking, authority, and place on a prospect’s search page. 

Getting To The Root Of The Problem: Content Auditing Steps And Cadence 

You can’t begin to deal with duplicative content until you truly “know” what you’re up against. If your business has been around for some time (or even if you’re new and using a third-party build service), there’s a good chance you have at least a few duplicate pages lurking around your site structure. 

Ongoing auditing is key to keep these pages in check, and to continuously ascendM the ranks of Google for your different desired keywords. The problem, however, is that this process can take time—which is something that many managers and founders don’t budget in for with their in-house, freelance and fractional SEO staff. 

Pages should be audited at least once per quarter, possibly more frequently if you’re publishing an excessive amount of content. Collaborate with your content strategist to get the most benefit for your effort throughout this process. 

Collaborating With Your Content Strategy Crew 

You can get ahead of duplicate content by actively collaborating with all team members that have a hand in producing customer-forward content – whether that be individuals within your organization or an SEO agency, like us! 

Our KeyLift process creates strategic content based on current keyword rankings and the focus areas of impotence to your business. Through this process, it allows you to cover the range of medium- and long-string keywords your customers are likely searching for, without making your content compete or appear duplicative. 

Revising And Refreshing 

The final step in your process to avoid duplicate content is to continuously expand and evaluate. Doing this step is a form insurance that you won’t have excessive content while keeping it as relevant as possible for your searcher. 

Expanding into other geographical areas or focus areas, such as other departments, are two common ways to utilize and Expand mindset.

How To Avoid Duplicate Content 

The best way to avoid duplicate content is to outsource your work to experts who can keep 24/7 awareness and agility—allowing you to rise to the top of the search results with minimal operational effort. 

Reunion Marketing’s KeyLift is a convenient and intelligent algorithm that perfects your keyword analysis and content strategy, aggregating top search queries in any given geological location. 

Our information lets you continue to expand your markets with a data-driven approach that continues to lead the industry—allowing you to analyze millions of concurrent queries for the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

After the analysis is complete, you’ll walk away with a curated and bespoke six-month strategy that includes all relevant high-intent keywords for a given location. All that’s left to do is plug, play and watch the results roll in! 
Ready to get started? Connect with us today to learn more. The experts at Reunion are standing by to support you.

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