How To Get Google Reviews: A Guide (2023)


Your Google reviews are one of the first things that people may reference when they do a quick search of your business. If you’re a fresh startup, new to establishing your internet presence, or looking to improve your online reputation, these reviews can be absolutely invaluable to help you grow and scale. 

The question? 

How can you get enough (good) Google Reviews to make a difference? 

Today, we’re going to show you exactly what to do to build up your Google Business Profile and make a splash in your bottom line. 

How To Get More Google Business Reviews 

To understand how to get more reviews, we have to understand how the review process works. 

Google uses business reviews as part of its metrics to determine how “useful” an entry can be to specific searchers. The more you have, the more “relevant” you’re deemed, which means that you stand a better chance of showing up above competitor companies. 

Harvesting Google reviews generally requires three core components: A properly set up Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) account, a great market fit and product and incentivization strategies for all customer types. 

What Does A Google Business Profile Account Need? 

Before you can grab reviews, you’ll want to be sure your account is properly optimized. The steps to do this include: 

  • Completing the profile creation process 
  • Claiming and verifying your Google My Business account 
  • Optimizing and personalizing your dash (i.e. verifying data, inserting photos)

This is a critical step that helps you to lay the groundwork for ongoing reviews. 

Creating (And Maintaining) Your Product-Market Fit 

Your biz was never made to appeal to everyone. Understanding this and tailoring your experience to your consumer is a great step that will impact the quality and frequency of your reviews. You want to blow your customers out of the water — meeting their needs in a way that they just have to share about. 

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend taking the time to research your consumers and competitors and identify new ways that you can better serve them in this season. 

Building Your Review Harvest Strategy 

No two reviews are created equally. Incentivizing the review process for your customers can help you to encourage them to leave a review in the first place, and slowly teach them how to enhance the quality of the review to have a positive impact on your GBP listing. This can mean enhancing the review with photos, specific references, stories or specific feedback. 

As you take this step, you’ll want to consider different ways to incentivize and appeal to your different customer types. This can look like higher discounts or special sale opportunities for those looking to save, or special featured bonuses for those who want a larger platform for their own microblogging or influencing opportunities. You know your people best, so feel free to take creative liberty with this step. 

Need Help Boosting Conversions?

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