Here’s What You Missed from Google’s Announcements

In case you missed today’s Marketing Innovations Keynote, we want to offer a breakdown of some key highlights. Strap on your Google thinking caps and let’s dive into it.

The Opening

Google continues its commitment to ads that are valuable, transparent, and trustworthy.

Consumers are now even searching for what not to buy.

The “near me” searches have evolved:

  • Now used to find and discover specific things, like “rolled ice cream”
  • 10x increase in “open near me tonight” searches

Today’s consumer wants a helpful, personal, and frictionless experience.

It’s important that you satisfy intent. This once meant giving quick answers to the queries they typed into the search box. Now they want meaningful assistance, so marketers need to understand and figure out what consumers need in that moment.

Google surfaces information that’s valuable to consumer needs, so they’re delivering the content without making consumers click on blue links.

People don’t value advertising if they don’t feel valued by advertisers.

Better Results

91% of smartphone owners bought or plan to buy something that they described as relevant.

Consumers give 3x more attention to video ads they consider relevant.

Starting to see a theme here?


  • >1 billion hours of video watched daily
  • 150% growth in ads conversions last year
  • >70% of Youtube campaigns have driven a significant lift for in-store sales
  • TrueView for reach: build brand awareness
  • TrueView for action: drive conversions on your website that are tailored to a specific goal and, in the near future, the options will include form fills.
  • Maximize lift bidding: Google machine learning delivers ads to people more likely to purchase (comes out later this year)

Machine Learning

You’ll have ad rotation, which is a system that prioritizes the right ads in an ad group to help drive performance.

You’ll also have ad bidding, which optimizes bids in real-time by factoring signals of intent and context of every search.

Google is working to bring the same level of intelligence to search ads. So they introduced …

Responsive Search Ads

  • More flexible for testing
  • Mix-and-match multiple headlines and descriptions to find the best possible combinations and deliver unique, tailored messages to potential customers.

You’ll create 15 headlines (30 characters) and 4 description lines (90 characters). Google will choose and display 3 headline and 2 description line combinations, which is a 90% increase in text. This let’s marketers communicate more benefits to users.

Improve Landing Page Speed

50% of all mobile users won’t make a purchase if the site takes too long to load.

Say hello to Mobile Landing Page Speed Score:

  • 10-point scale for how fast pages load
  • Based on multiple factors, including the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate

You can determine which pages are delivering a poor user-experience so you can prioritize the most important to solve. This score is updated daily, so it is always relevant.

Google also encourages you to use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to supercharge your site speed.


Meet cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics

  • Combine data from people who visit your site across different devices
  • Get a consolidated view of how users behave on your site regardless of device used
  • Only display aggregated data from users who have agreed to share it

Smart Campaigns

These will roll out later this year. They help advertisers in a few ways:

  • They’re simple
  • They save time
  • They focus on results important to small businesses (calls, actions on site, customers in the store)

It creates sample ads by looking at your website and Google My Business listing. It’s automated.

Automated feeds will launch, too. This automatically builds a feed from your online inventory.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

3 out of 4 people who conduct a local search will visit a business within 24 hours.

Google has created two new goals:

  1. Driving Store Visits
  2. Acquiring New Customers

These campaigns promote local businesses to prospects across Google’s products and networks that generate more foot traffic. You just need to:

  • Sync your Google My Business (Google says it automatically syncs with the correct one)
  • Give your budget
  • Upload your creative pieces

Stronger Collaboration

Google Marketing Platform: it’s a complete set of tools that help you plan, buy, measure, and optimize media and consumer experiences.

DoubleClick joins the Google Marketing platform as Search Ads 360.

Display and Video 360 aggregates a lot of other products in one place.

Integration Center: You can connect Analytics 360 and Video/Display 360 to pull data to create more relevant campaigns.

Instant reporting: You can build custom reports directly in the UI with data loading in seconds (it used to take minutes or even hours). And charting is just a click away.

Google Measurement Partners: It’s a program that brings together 23 new and existing partners who work closely to meet rigorous standards and provide trustworthy measurement solutions.

If you want to watch the full presentation, just watch below:

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