Understanding the Impact of Google’s New AI Overviews on SEO for Car Dealers

AI Overviews – the Next Generation of AI Results in Search

One of Google’s latest innovations is the feature of AI Overviews in search results. This is the next iteration of Search Generative Experience (SGE), a SERP experience beta Google was testing at the beginning of 2024. This improved feature aims to enhance the user experience by providing summary information for research and discovery-oriented searches. In this article, we’ll offer an overview of this search experience and its potential impact on the automotive industry.

What are AI Overviews?

AI Overviews bring the following benefits to search results:

  • Summarized Information: Key points from various web pages are presented in a concise format.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Quick answers to broad or complex queries reduce the need to sift through multiple pages.
  • Focus on Discovery: Aimed at research and exploratory searches rather than specific, intent-based queries.

Example of an AI overview for a research-type search:

Impact on Car Dealers and Low-Funnel Searches

In industries such as automotive, where the focus is on low-funnel, intent-based searches, the introduction of AI Overviews raises initial concerns. However, these AI-generated summaries primarily cater to broad, research-oriented searches. For example, queries like “best car models for families” may display an AI Overview summarizing various reviews and articles.

On the contrary, searches indicating clear purchase intent, such as “2024 Toyota Camry Los Angeles,” are less likely to be affected. These specific and transactional queries fall outside the primary scope of AI Overviews. As a result, current SEO strategies targeting high-intent searches remain effective and relevant for car dealerships.

Google’s introduction of AI Overviews marks a significant step towards improving search result usability and efficiency. It’s also a clear indicator of how Google plans to maneuver and mold the future of query results by keeping users within Google rather than venturing to websites. 

While the impact on low-funnel, intent-based searches is currently minimal, staying informed about SEO developments remains crucial. The team at Reunion Marketing continues to adapt and update strategies based on the latest insights from Google and other leading sources.

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