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When it comes to investments, there are few words more powerful than waste. It’s why, in recent years, digital marketers in automotive retail have become increasingly vocal about wasted spend in paid search. This is true: there are many dealerships overspending and investing in poorly managed campaigns that don’t yield a lot of benefit; however, it’s unfair lob blanket statements at any strategy or tactic. Paid search has many components that have proven to be efficient and effective, such as Display Ads.

If you felt a shudder or cringe, you’re not alone. Many dealers — and even digital marketers — have shied away from Display Ads because of two primary issues: high bounce rates and low lead volume. Are these, though, inherently true or a product of poor audience targeting and a bad setup?

When you consider that Display leverages the Display Network,  you realize those ads thus have 40,000,000 website opportunities; on those website opportunities, there are multiple pages; on those multiple pages, there are 9-12 placements.

That’s a lot of eyeballs. 

That’s a lot of information to digest. 

That’s a lot of opportunities to engage.

It does, however, require a smart approach to campaign setup and audience targeting. There’s a specific methodology to leveraging these visually-based advertisements, including how and when to use all three types: static, responsive display, and custom HTML5. 

Quick Breakdown

Static — A single image with relevant text.

Responsive Display — Google leverages information you provide to respond to searches and put together the most relevant ad possible. 

HTML5 — You create a template that can include an inventory feed so the ad promotes specifics like year, make, model, price point, and actual images.

All three formats are available to use with each Display Ad type. That begs the question: What types of Display Ads can dealerships utilize to connect with varying targeting options for audiences. 

Display Ad Types to Consider for Your Paid Search Campaigns

In-Market Display

  • 123 Unique Google-Based Audiences
    • Sales, Service, and Parts Opportunities
  • 30-60 or 60-90 Days Out

You should expect to spend $10 per day as a minimum.

You can expect to see a range of CPLs from $30 to as low as $12.

Competitor Display

  • Minimum of 5 Competitor URLs
  • Not Cookie-Based or IP-Based
  • Meets All Compliance Regulations

You should expect to spend $10 per day as a minimum.

You can expect to see an average CPL around $30.

Custom-Intent Display

  • Uses Search Network Data
  • Works Using Keywords
    • Pulls All Search History
  • Can Run Concurrently with Search
  • Ideal for Conquest, Trade-in, and Sub-Prime
    • Current Competitive Bids
  • 75% Lower CPC

You should expect to spend $10 per day as a minimum.

You can expect to see CPLs as low as $16.

Smart Display Ads

  • Two Targeting Methods
    • Website Visitors and Automatic
  • “Mid-Funnel” Campaign
  • Funnels to Specific Users That Convert

This Display type requires a bit more of a budget than the others. You will need to invest $2,000 per month; however, it has proven to be quite effective. A dealer partner of Reunion Marketing’s sold 16 vehicles on the recommended $2,000 budget.

Remarketing Display

  • Audience Segmentation
    • New, Used VDPs
    • SRP
    • Service
  • Previous Website Visitors

Learn More About the Potential of Display Ads in Your Paid Search

There are plenty of resources out there to get more of a grasp on the different types of Display Ads, including Reunion Marketing. We encourage you to reach out should you have any questions or want more information on metrics, averages, or examples. 

We at Reunion Marketing have seen exemplary returns with a smart setup and in-depth audience targeting for our Dealer partners and are advocates of any strategy or tactic that promises efficiencies and effectiveness.
Schedule a demo to connect with one of our staff who can step in and help out with any questions or needs.

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