Discover the Key to Conversion Optimization

Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increased focus on identifying and improving upon the source that provides the most conversions. However, what happens when that conversion river runs dry?

I’d like to recommend a process to help identify alternative channels that can provide conversions for your business or client’s business.

“Discovery” is usually term associated with the beginning of a project. However, in this context, it’s referring to figuring out how to improve/expand upon your current conversion opportunities. With that in mind, I’m going to now answer the “what?” and “why?” of discovery digital marketing.

What is Discovery Digital Marketing?

We’ve all been there before. We’re about a year — maybe two — into working with a client. We’ve optimized content for search engines (added/improved meta, targeted posts by demographics and location), updated conversion opportunities on-site, created amazing Adwords and social campaigns that convert well …

Then it happens …

Things just aren’t converting like they used to. It’s a scary to watch this happen. If you’re at this point, great, you’ve realized there is a problem. However, what do you do about it?

This is where discovery digital marketing comes into play. It’s purpose is, much like when you first started with this client, to re-identify client needs so we can create digital marketing campaigns using either new features of the traditional Big Four (Organic, Paid, Social, Display) or find referral opportunities that will increase opportunities for conversion on site.

So, discovery digital marketing requires you to analyze and understand your client’s needs, competitors, and client audience behaviors and characteristics. When conducting this type of research, it’s pertinent that you go as in-depth as possible. Remember, your goal here is to thoroughly re-identify how you can increase conversions to your client’s website.

When you’re researching, you’ll more than likely stick to researching specific areas of improvement. What I’ve found most helpful in researching these areas is first identifying the problem, then using information on market/marketplace effectiveness, social media campaign effectiveness, paid search effectiveness, and website effectiveness. Industry insight reports and digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, paid search analytics, and social media analytics will be really helpful here.

Why Do Discovery Digital Marketing?

It’s simple. Discovery digital marketing enables you to re-understand the business of your clients and eliminate hunches and subjective views that can lead to faulty decision-making around conversion optimization opportunities. This, in turn, should lead to identifying the best conversion solutions possible.

Time and budgets will always play a factor into how deep you can go into discovery digital marketing. Even if there are constraints, even a small scale discovery digital marketing project can lead to informative decisions on how and what to use for improving client conversions.

Who should be in charge of Discovery Digital Marketing?

This will depend upon your agency, but more than often, it’s the person who has been in charge of the account. Sometimes — due to absences, employees leaving, etc. — this can actually be very difficult. That person who knows the most might not be there anymore. However, if you have a good documentation process, you should have all the information you need on the client.

If the person that is in charge of the account is still around, they should be doing 6 things:

  • Identifying Issues
  • Formulating Plans
  • Meeting with team for discussion and information gathering
  • Taking findings and discovering new conversion opportunities
  • Presenting findings to client
  • Managing time and budget of discovery digital marketing

Where to look for new opportunities

This is by far the simplest thing to do after you’ve identified the problem and conducted research. It’s so simple because it’s what you do every day: Google search, social media evaluation, talking to colleagues, watching progressive YouTubers in the Digital Marketing field (there’s a lot of them!), and other similar efforts. Look for the apps/websites that people are interested in right now.


Good luck discovering!

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