Content Marketing & SEO: Your Guide to a Thriving Auto Dealership


There are over 17,000 automotive dealerships in the United States alone – which means that you need a consistent way to get in front of in market customers and reaching those in the consideration process. That’s where SEO and content marketing come in handy – helping Google rank your content and display it for the millions of searchers looking to purchase their next ride. 

Below, we’re exploring how you can use content marketing as a tool to boost your site’s SEO ranking in Google’s algorithm, and amplify your reach as a reputable automotive dealer. 

Content Marketing & SEO for Dealerships: How Does It Work? 

SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand to make your marketing efforts work for you, and can generate hundreds of thousands of organic clicks and visitors to your website’s pages. 


Google is always looking for high-quality content to meet the needs of their searchers. By adding quality, optimized content to your website, you have the potential to boost your SEO “score” in the algorithm, and push your site into a higher range of visibility. 

While users don’t search for blogs intentionally much anymore, they do search for high-quality, relevant, and reputable information to inform their next purchase decision or step. That’s where content marketing for your auto shop marketing strategy can make all the difference in your site traffic. 

However, it’s important to use best practices when SEO-aligning your site and creating the content to help you be efficient in your targeting strategy. 

Let’s review what SEO and content marketing are, and how you can use them to make an impact in your business’s bottom line. 

What is SEO?  

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a process of improving your site to rank better in Google’s algorithm. It’s a worthwhile investment in your car dealership marketing plan, and can get you plenty of evergreen traffic and prospects at no cost. You can learn about Reunion Marketing’s approach to SEO here.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a strategy that car dealerships can use in their car dealership marketing plan, putting out relevant, timely, and high-quality content across their pages. From sales pages to home pages, you can always find a place for more reputable content and summaries. To trigger Google’s bots to crawl the page, we recommend optimizing your content with relevant search-friendly keywords and phrases that your ideal prospects would be using – prompting Google to get your webpage in front of more eyes and query terms. 

Benefits of SEO & content marketing for car dealership marketing 

If you’re looking to boost your dealership’s reach through paid advertising, you’ll likely want to take it a step further and adopt a holistic approach: bringing it full circle with organic SEO and content marketing. Doing this offers several benefits, including: 

Boosting prospective user experience 

Your website will look more trustworthy with quality content and a well-structured organizational flow, keeping visitors engaged with your pages for longer and increasing your chances of a click-through or a conversion. 

Streamlined and effective in-store interactions 

With quality descriptions, car info and content on your site, visitors and prospects will be empowered with a clear vision of what they’re looking for and how you can help when they come in. This leads to a more streamlined sales experience and helps you to connect with higher-quality, higher-intent prospects with minimal effort. 

Enhanced brand perception in the car dealership space 

Car dealerships are always looking for ways to improve their brand awareness and presence in their local communities. Content marketing combined with SEO-alignment of your website is a great way to do that, asserting your expert knowledge, brand values, and tailored content in a way that will win you clicks and conversions. 

Where should I start with SEO for my auto dealerships? 

Pursuing SEO and content marketing for your car dealership is a dense process, which is why we recommend seeking expert assistance. You can place your investment in the hands of experts who have done this for years and understand what it takes to get your site highly ranked and reputable on Google – and spend your time running and refining your business model. 

By outsourcing these vital tasks, you unlock more flexibility and opportunities for your team to excel in other areas of business, keeping your organization on track and ready to exceed the set goals for the quarter. 

Looking for assistance in marketing for car dealerships? We’re here to help. The team at Reunion Marketing has had years of experience helping automotive dealerships rank well on Google with proprietary local SEO strategies and are ready to help you do the same with your business. We offer complimentary SEO audits so you can understand the low-hanging fruit with your on and off-site SEO. 

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