Why Your Company Needs a Digital Marketing Partner

It’s not breaking news to report that marketing on the Internet is essential for businesses to increase sales and market share, promoting growth. You may not, however, be aware of the advanced level of understanding how to market online or the ability to interpret and analyze the volume of data to continually optimize your campaigns.

These bespoke skills create the most efficient synergies among all of the important elements you need to manage today—transforming you into a dominant digital influencer.

Take a quick look at the word cloud displayed below. If these marketing elements are unfamiliar, you need to perform due diligence in research to learn about them so you can dominate your competition. These elements are collegial, creating a robust and potent digital plan.

Knowing how to utilize the tools listed above make the difference between gaining market share … and losing it. The majority of buying decisions are made through online research and shopping. And that makes your digital marketing plan the most important aspect of your entire sales process.

List of Skills for Digital Marketing

Create a Solid Partnership with a Digital Marketing Agency

For many businesses, it is not financially prudent to build an in-house team consisting of an SEO expert, search engine marketing analyst, web designers, content writers, social media specialists, and marketing managers to build cohesion among the aforementioned elements of digital marketing, as well as hold vendor partners accountable for results.

All of those positions are critical for creating a dynamic and vigorous digital marketing machine. But bringing those responsibilities in house is often cost ineffective and does not allow for the same economies of scale that the best digital marketing agencies can provide.

So, you want to create a solid partnership with a digital marketing agency. You, however, want to be careful in selecting an agency partner. The company you select should demonstrate mastery of digital marketing, allowing you to grow your business more efficiently. Any digital marketing agency is worth its weight in gold when it can:

  • Work with multiple partners and vendor partners
  • Work within multiple verticals
  • Conduct a multitude of research
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Analyze data
  • Produce results

How do you pick a digital marketing agency partner?

Ask them these questions. Smart questions. So meet with an agency only when you feel prepared to hit them hard about the most important components for what you need in a partnership. And the questions below will help you better gauge if this company can truly offer worthwhile opportunities to you.

  1. How will you use data and results to grow my business?
  2. Will you give us market exclusivity?
    • The best digital marketing agencies refuse to place second and expect to deliver you top positioning across all digital strategies.
  3. What are some immediately actionable digital strategies you can recommend right out of the gate?
  4. What tools are you using to do both historical and real-time research of the current digital landscape of our market? How will you use these to grow our influence and visibility?
  5. What are your long-term goals and strategies to digitally dominate our market?
  6. How many customers will your Marketing Manager oversee?
    • Be sure that you are getting the resources needed to successfully drive your digital strategies.

If you are looking for an expert digital marketing partnership and would like to learn more about what things to look for and how to best build your digital strategy, contact us and let us help you answer your questions. Our passion for helping your business is just as compelling as our passion for learning and building the best digital marketing plans available. And remember (our mantra) … Data Beats Intuition!

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