Why I Joined Reunion Marketing

I graduated from college in 2012. I spent the last three years working for a few marketing agencies, learning many valuable skills, before deciding to become part of the team at Reunion Marketing. Through these experiences, I’ve come to learn that my most valuable skill set is the ability to anatomize digital trends and analytics—in other words, I understand how to help clients with their digital marketing efforts.

Okay, so digital marketing. You write a little bit. Put in a smattering of keywords. And, presto-chango, you’re number one. Or maybe digital marketing is fixing your website. And ta-da! Top of the rankings. Right?

My point is this: Many people use the idea of “digital marketing” as a blanket term that is trite and can even be construed in myriad ways. But are they applying the right skills and the best due diligence to get your return? Are they using real-time data to influence their strategies? And how often do they update a website’s SEO? And how many create synergy among content marketing, paid search, social media, online reputation, email marketing, and all of the other critically influential digital marketing strategies?

Here’s the most important question to me. And this is the most important question you should ask someone from a digital marketing agency when they make their case…

Are they looking at sales and marketing results, then determining the correlations between the data that increase market share and a company’s success?

Finding a Company That Shares My Beliefs

I have known many members at Reunion Marketing for years. Seeing their passion for creating results for their partners. Watching them read, communicate, and share ideas to learn more. Observing them demonstrate incredible knowledge about the industry.

I realized that, with these qualities, I never felt more at home than when I began contemplating taking advantage of this opportunity. And it was much more than feeling welcomed or recognizing their knowledge or passion. It was the fact that they share my belief in making decisions based on data and perpetually seeking new technologies to make things better.

Yes. Reunion Marketing does this.

I know that this company and its leadership will encourage me to grow and provide the right opportunities to expand my digital marketing knowledge. I know that I will be challenged everyday and be held accountable for delivering the best results for our clients.

Yes. This is Reunion.

My academic and professional pursuits have always been governed by a compelling hunger to be the best. And that’s what I expect the company I work for to want: be the best; never be satisfied; never grow complacent. No matter how large a lead the company has over the competition, it still wants to get better. It wants to dominate.

Yes. I found my home.

Making the Move to Digital Domination

Joining Reunion Marketing was an easy decision for me. I am fortunate to work with a company that moves at a faster pace than any environment I have seen in digital marketing, giving unparalleled attention to details for each of our customers. I get to be part of a team that offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions to companies wanting to significantly increase their digital footprint.

And I get to be part of a company that is so confident in its capabilities that it offers a free digital audit to identify growth opportunities.

Remember that most important question about data and digital share I asked just a bit ago? At Reunion Marketing, we believe, if nothing else, this is the one certainty in digital marketing: Data Beats Intuition.

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